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Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

As the say, preventation is better than cure; Pre-construction/ soil treatment is carried out before a building is constructed. This method will form an anti-termite chemical barrier underneath the building structure.

It involves the application of long life chemical to the soil, foundation, piers and at all points which are vulnerable to white ants/ termites entry. This chemical will not discolour brickwork, interfere with the structure or restrict the growth of any plant life, trees or grass.

A good pre-construction treatment can last from two to five years. However, regular termite inspections are still recommended.

Termite Life Cycle

Anti Termite "Stage of Treatment"

STAGE 1 (Pile Cap/ Footing)

To apply emulsified chemical solution on the excavated pile pit / footing or the pile cap before lean concrete and the formwork placed in position or to apply emulsified chemical solution on the casted pile cap before soil backfilling.

STAGE 2 (Ground Beam)

To apply emulsified chemical solution on the excavated ground beam trenches. termiticide chemical is sprayed in contact with the soil.

STAGE 3 (Ground Floor Slab)

To large scale sheet spraying of emulsified solution for the interior of the building when the floor area has been cut, leveled and the hard core compacted/ before the lean concrete and then the chemical solution is applied at the rate of 5 liters per meter sq, and to retrench with power spraying on the sides of the ground beams.

STAGE 4 (Apron)

To similarly sheet spraying of the surrounding apron areas also before concreting but when the hardcore is compact and the drains placed in position and the chemical applied is 5litres per meter sq.

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