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Anti-Termite Reticulation System

What Is Anti Termite Reticulation System?

Anti Termite "Stage of Treatment"


Termite Treatment through piping method/Termite tubing system also known as Pipe Reticulation system is a revolutionary system designed to effectively treat the area under concrete slabs or before flooring is done. It is system which is replenishable unlike older termite treatment methods. The reticulation system is a network of underground specially designed pipes (rubberised membrane) to induce anti-termite chemical uniformly throughout your Building’s foundations. Regulating the chemical flow, this system helps to protect against invasion by termites in future which would otherwise enter from the outside of your home or from under the floor. We recommend Termite reticulation system for Anti-Termites treatment because it is extremely durable and gives a very robust protection to a new building and works as a highly effective termite shield for years together. Our Anti termite Reticulation system is being widely used in Indian construction industry including new homes, offices and other commercial buildings. structure of the building. Balancing of network of reticulate piping system is an important component of any termite Pipe reticulation treatment method.

Reticulation networking at plinth beam level.

Recharging of Porous Piping System

The system must be recharged @ 5 lit. per sq. mar. of the Horizontal surface area. This must be repeated every 3-4 years to give ongoing protection against termite entry to your home. However regular termite inspections are recommended as an integral part of a Termite Management System.

The advantages of termite reticulation treatment

  • No excavation or drilling the holes in floor to inject termite chemical is required.
  • Tedious work of removing the furniture in the area is not required.
  • No pungent smell of the termite chemical is released in the premise.
  • No exposure of insecticides to occupants of the building.
  • Installation of piping system is warranted for 20 years with refilling every Third year.
  • Unlike conventional termite injection method there is even distribution of the chemical under the floor.
  • No Stains discolouring or marks on the costly floors.
  • The cost benefit ratio when compared with traditional methods of termite treatment, over longer periods is considerable as recharge costs are significantly lower than a drill and fill method.
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