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Method to control / exterminate termite

1.Termite Baiting System


Skill Pest Control S/B uses the latest Australian invention, termy track baiting system. Termytrack Baiting System has been proven to be effective, durable and economical.


The Termytrack Baiting System has been uniquely designed to entice termites into the baiting system. The enclosed baits work as an attractant and lure the termites into the baiting systems. The baiting system is non-poisonous and edible, however gives out strongly enticing smell that exclusively attracts the termites to infest the baits contained in the Termytrack Baiting System.


Our mission is to keep Termytrack Baiting System environment-friendly, effective, affordable and durable. Termytrack System is made of ABS material which is durable. The baits are made of wood which is covered with corrugated paper and then soaked in a solution (the attractant).




After three weeks the buried Termytrack Systems are inspected by our pest control professionals and upon confirmation of infestation the termites are treated with a permitted pestcide.


The treated termites that consume the pestcide then pass on the pestciide throught the delivery of food to the whole colony, including the queen termite and in this way the termites are completely eliminated.


The above ground (AG) Termytrack System which is made of plywood works in the same manner as that of the Tube but just that it is used in high rise buildings of roof tops and factories and inside houses where infestation of termites have been taken place.


Product Overview


The Termytrack System has been proven to be one of the best Baiting Systems which not only eliminite the colony but stands as a protection againts future infestation of termites of the property.


The Termytrack System is termite-elimination product that is durable, affordable and effective to give customers peace of mind and complete satisfaction because of its successful results.


Termytrack Systems is easyli installed into the ground in the garden area or in the ground around the house without causing any obstruction, damage to the environment of property, besides being hazard free.


2.Pre-construction (Soil Treatment)


As the say, preventation is better than cure; Pre-construction/ soil treatment is carried out before a building is constructed. This method will form an anti-termite chemical barrier underneath the building structure.


It involves the application of long life chemical to the soil, foundation, piers and at all points which are vulnerable to white ants/ termites entry. This chemical will not discolour brickwork, interfere with the structure or restrict the growth of any plant life, trees or grass.


A good pre-construction treatment can last from two to five years.

However, regular termite inspections are still recommended.

3.Corrective Soil Treatment (Drilling)


This type of treatment is ideal for buildings that are already up and completed. This method can be treated permanently for control of subterranean or dry wood termite. The introduction of residual chemical into area such as beneath the concrete slab and cavities to create permanent barriers, make it possible to give up to 5 years guarantee against reinfestation by subterranean termites. A treatment susceptible structural timber for the control of dry wood termites is also undertaken under guarantee.

General Pest Control / Other Services



Subterranean Termites Inspection (Report & Treatment). Removal of Termites Ridden Trees.


Pre-Contruction/Post Construction Drilling. Soil Treatment of Building Foundations.


Application of wood preservative to existing roof timbers against wood pests. Repair of roofs leak * flat roofs.


Garden spraying & fogging for extermination of leeches, mosquitoes, ants, kerengga, flies, etc. Eradication of epiphytes, larvaciding.


Trapping (Cage) of stray animals, bird control, etc.


Destruction of bee hives & hornet nests.


Sanitary & disinfection / deodorisation / health services, fungal control for buildings.


Fumigation of cane furniture & timber cargoes, rubber bales, cover crop seed, coconuts, cocoa, etc for export wheet, rice, flour & malts against beeties & weevils for preservation. Building & Warehouse fumigation.


Lawn mowing & weed control.


Semi-permanent insecticidal lacquer treatment to repel cockroaches, red & black ants.


Rat baiting in godown. Domestic houses & estates (oil palm & rubber replanted areas).


Permanent wire mesh barricades/proofing of the roofs against rats, musang, bets, snakes, birds, etc.


Dealer of pest control chemicals & equipments.


Repair & supply fogging machines, motorised sprayers, electrical mist-sprayers, pest control equipment, apparatus, spares, flymo & lawn mowers, protective goggles, gas masks, safety belts, etc. Design and supply of incinerators and termite-proof dunnages/pallets.


Repairs of termites damages & specialised re-construction work. Pest proof alteration/ physical changes of decor.


Specialist - contractor for supply and treatment of (pest-proof/anti termites) building material, such as soft board ceiling, panellings, plywood partition boarding, wall papers interior decorative supplies, with full guarantee.

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